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We are electromagnetic beings, just like plants and animals. Even our planet is a highly complicated electromagnetic entity.

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Electricity – we associate this word with formidable overhead power lines and all the machinery and equipment that, with the flick of a switch produce light, heat, cooling, music, images, films, computerization, in short everything that makes everyday living in a technologically civilized world pleasant. At the same time we grow up with the notion that electricity (or power) can also be dangerous; an idea not so far off, considering our present day power grids.

Yet our “feeling relationship” to the “electricity” phenomenon reduces it to the opportunities and perils of our daily power supply – which is wrong, since this “type” of electricity is just one of many forms.

The sum of all electrical storms in the body, including the brain, s an invisible electromagnetic field around every living thing. Cameras capable of translating such fields into imagery show radiant pictures of our aura, the electromagnetic flow.

Electricity is life, evident in nature. Its many forms play an important role throughout the whole body, in the cells, the fluids and the blood. We don’t really think about it, although this fact practically jumps out at us. Patients with diarrhea and vomiting, for example, lose too many of their “electrolytes” which must be replaced, even by infusion, in serious cases.